We are Sodirep-Textiles

Sodirep-Textiles has a deep history and rich family values that are recognised in its consistent delivery of high quality of textiles and creativity.

Founded in 1978 by René Hostyn, today it is led by his son, Marc, who grew up within its framework.

We are a company whose proven track record and reliability has helped us build great client relationships over the last 38 years.

Since 2016, Sodirep-Textiles is an active BSCI participant who has integrated the BSCI code of conduct in his corporate culture.

Our goal is to help you build great relationships with your clients by offering you an updated and collection of licensed and unlicensed textile creations that will meet your target needs and satisfy your clients' desires.

We are real people in love with what we do.

Welcome to Sodirep-Textiles, where great relationships are born.

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